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FABRICATED is a stop-motion animated film I have worked on for ten years. I designed, built and animated the creatures together with the strange worlds they inhabit. 

The film itself is a story of the mechanical beings which form themselves out of the materials and the machine aesthetic left behind after humans have passed from the scene. These creatures can perceive the remnants of a previous order, but organic life is now just a ghost that haunts their world. The film follows one of these creatures, Oto, as he is constructed from steel and bone and then sent off. Making his way through an old world decaying and a new world struggling to be born, Oto begins to sense that he may have a part to play in the evolution of his imperfect kind.

The shots in this film are captured digitally but there are no computer-generated elements within. It is all good old-fashioned stop-motion animation.


Brett Foxwell, 2015



News & Updates





  • August, 2015  The sound design, a very dense and complex sonic world on its own, is complete and the film is now being scored by the composer Andrew Poole Todd.


  • June, 2015   The final frame of animation for the film has been shot (for real this time). The edit has been finalized and the whole picture (18 minutes in length) has been sent out for color-grading.


  • January, 2014   The Kickstarter Campaign to fund the sound design and music for Fabricated is a success! My deepest thanks to all of the backers for their support and continued patience. I have spent much longer than I expected working on these very important final steps but the time has been well worth it. The result is a beautiful, complex and sprawling film with new worlds full of little details, each of which must be seen to.


  • April, 2005   After several years of designing and building these hybrid creatures, I begin to shoot a short stop-motion film. I hope I can shoot enough to make it 10 minutes long. I think the whole project can be finished within 3 years.