Stop-Motion, Time-lapse, world-building and all

of the other film techniques that take

years to complete







A short trailer for the stop-motion-animated, science-fiction adventure, 'Fabricated'




  • September, 2016   After more than ten years of work, 'Fabricated' is complete. There was one final surround-sound mastering session at Berkeley Sound Artists. It was the smoothest day of work on the entire ten-year project, and a fitting way to complete such a monumental endeavor. The film is, at the end, a beautiful and intense nineteen-minute-long stop-motion animated journey with a dense, detailed soundscape and an exquisite musical score. It has been a wonderful adventure and I would like to thank everyone who helped out or supported the Kickstarter campaign. I would especially like to thank the sound and color team with whom I had a wonderful and enjoyable collaboration: sound designers Ryan Mauk and Chris Vibberts, creature vocal specialist John France, composer Andrew Poole Todd, mixer Dan Olmsted and colorist Bradley Greer. Thank you all for your artistry, your contributions and for being exceedingly patient as I felt my way through this strange universe.


  • January, 2016   In October of 2014, I was asked by Phil Tippett to build several armatures for the Dejarik Holochess set to be used in Star Wars Episode 7, The Force Awakens. It has finally has been released and I am very honored to have had a hand in building this small part of the Star Wars universe that has inspired me so much over the years. Click on the photos below for videos showing us building and animating these famous little monsters.


  • March, 2015   The final frame of animation for the film has been shot. It has taken me three cameras, four cities, five puppets and ten years to shoot over 27000 frames of animation to tell this story.
  • April, 2005   After several years of designing and building my hybrid creatures, I begin to shoot a short stop-motion film. I think the whole project can be finished within three years. I definitely do not know that it will take ten.